Stuart Davis Map of Travels
Map of Travels
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My Motorcycle Touring Journey...
...through the cities and towns of America while riding my motorcycle
and sidecar, known as a "hack" or "chair",  has been more than
gratifying; it has changed the physical and spiritual direction of my life
and I'm forever grateful. I have almost enjoyed writing about my
motorcycle touring experiences in my motorcycle journal book "Follow
the Yellow Line as much as I have enjoyed the ride.

Motorcycle touring on America's highways from east to west, south to
north and return, has been a goose-bump adventure, filled with
thousands of wonderful strangers, some who've become exceptional
friends. From the gentle hills of Kentucky to the wide-screen mountain
vistas of the northwest,  my heart is filled with awe and humility as I
tour on my Honda motorcycle with my trusty sidecar. I've begun to
see the world more and more in non-judgemental terms. Ever-present
cultural/social blindness has finally begun to lift . . .And with joy I ride

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Photo by Peter Byron
Motorcycle Touring with Stuart Davis and His Side Car